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This Ain't No Underwear... It's Thunderwear

Imagine the freedom of wearing shorts, jeans, sweats, slacks, workout shorts, even swimming trunks and concealing a full-sized handgun in complete comfort. The amazing Thunderwear, "wear what you want holster," enables you to conceal your handgun on any occasion. It's worn on the hips for all day and night comfort... sitting or standing. Thunderwear is available in sizes to conceal large pistols such as .45 caliber down to mini .22 calibers and every weapon in between. Worn on the hips... measured like trousers.

Small/Medium Fits: Glock 19/23, .380's, 25 Cal., 2.75" Barrels, Small Guns

Medium/Large Fits: Glock 17/21, 1911 Frames, 3" + Barrels, Large Guns

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