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 "Every Battle Is Won Before It Is Fought"

"In Order To Defeat The Enemy, You Must First Think Like The Enemy"

Sun Tzu


This philosophy holds true today as it did circa 6th century BCE.  Our Security Consulting and Investigation team uses this mindset on our approach to your case from the beginning. We strive to provide the most accurate and up to date information to assist in your decision making process to decide what to do with the information provided to you by us, whether it is used for court purposes or just peace of mind.


Jack Hughes / Lead Investigator

Our Lead Investigator has over 25 years experience in Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Terrorism, Law Enforcement and Electronic Security.  As a SSgt in the US Marines for 8 years with a Top Secret clearance, he conducted surveillance, gathered intelligence and tracked terrorist cells across the globe in order to predict future actions of the enemy. As a small business owner before going into Law Enforcement he Designed, Installed and Integrated CCTV Systems, Card Access Control Systems, Audio Listening Devices, Fire Control Systems and Anti-theft Electronic Surveillance Systems. He recently spent 8 years working for the Gastonia Police Department where he was assigned to the IRS Money Laundering Task Force and the Charlotte FBI Safe Streets Task Force working Gangs, Guns and Drugs while as an undercover Detective in Vice Narcotics.  He investigated several OCDETF (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force) cases which led to the arrest of hundreds of  individuals on federal and state charges for organized crime, drugs, gambling and public corruption.  He has conducted thousands of interviews and is an expert in criminal and deceptive behavior.


Services Offered
Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
Surviving an Active Shooter Training
Infidelity and Adultery Investigations
Criminal and Civil Investigations
Domestic Violence Awareness
Employee Theft Investigations
Discovery and Trial Research
Undercover Investigations
Drug Awareness Training
Accounting Forensics
Electronic Forensics
Missing Persons
Security Audits
GPS Tracking
Child Custody


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