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Southern Belle Firearms & Training, LLC is a family owned and operated business that specializes in various areas of firearms training, domestic violence awareness, self-defense, youth safety and awareness courses as well as security consultant and investigative services.  Our firearms training programs are specifically designed for all levels of civilian shooters, as well as law enforcement officers and/or agencies.  Our training is conducted in Dallas, NC.

Southern Belle Firearms & Training, LLC offers high quality, affordable firearms and self-defense courses. Our SBFT team consists of a diverse group of instructors including women who specifically work with our "Women Take Aim" course as well as other female-based self-defense and awareness courses. Our SBFT team has experience in real world military and law enforcement operations priding ourselves in offering training that is not gained from shooting at targets but real life experience.  Our wide array of courses that we offer include basic beginner fundamental techniques and skills, as well as other courses for the advanced shooter which focuses on tactical and precision skills.

Southern Belle Firearms & Training, LLC Instructors


Jennifer Fredell is the Owner and Instructor for Southern Belle Firearms & Training, LLC. She works very closely to ensure that they provide classes that are truly beneficial for the community and making all students feel important when participating in Southern Belle Firearms & Training, LLC Courses. While primarily focusing on working with the ladies and children, Jennifer has a passion for helping others learn and works closely with domestic violence victims within the community, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, etc…to educate everyone about the importance of learning women’s self-defense, proper handgun use, as well as youth safety and awareness. Jennifer’s experiences have led her on several exciting journeys throughout the past 10 years.

From working in the television and media industry, to obtaining her NC Teaching Certification in Spanish and ESL, and also launching a successful marketing company, Southern Belle Marketing, LLC, she has a passion for learning and making a difference. With Southern Belle Firearms & Training, LLC, it is no different. Her training continues and she proves to be an integral part of SBFT. Jennifer is certified as a NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and North Carolina Concealed Carry Instructor to provide proper training to individuals while continuing her efforts to educate families and children on safety.

Training and Experience
North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Instructor
SABRE Civilian Safety Awareness Instructor
NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Lifetime Member